Individual ICT professionals can analyse their LinkedIn profile free of charge.


Corporate use is not free. Some examples:

  • Recruitment: finding the best candidate (CV analysis).
  • HRD: analysing the job structure.
  • Academy: classifying training materials.
  • CIO: strategic personnel planning.


To use the ICT-mastery software, you need to sign up for a subscription (monthly cancellation). For the use of the system, a price per analysis (per document) will be charged. The price of an analysis depends on the sliding scale you have built during one year. After one year, your consumption is set to zero.


ICT mastery has an API that enables you to build integrated online white-label solutions or to integrate the e-CF semantic analysis into your internal HR/matching/database systems.


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You will be charged on a monthly basis, the term of payment is 14 days.