Finally, transparency in the ICT domain



What is our future dream

The management of an organisation knows the most important digital e-Competences of the staff, and is able to take proactive action. The organisation is able to discover talents and to develop people based on their personal interests, ambitions, capacities and the needs of society. HR is able to identify the e-Competences of applicants to build (project) teams with the ideal mix of e-Competences.

In our digitised society, every ICT professional knows his / her most important digital e-Competences. Based on personal interests, ambitions, capacities and labour market needs, every ICT professional is able to make the right choices regarding finding the most appropriate education, work experience and employer.



What we do to make that dream come true

With our semantic software, we make it possible for anyone to translate (complicated) ICT texts into digital e-Competences, expressed in accordance with e-CF standard EN 16234-1. e-Competences provide a uniform language that can be understood by all stakeholders. This results in the necessary transparency to better interpret job descriptions, vacancy texts, incoming CVs and training materials. This leads to making good decisions to efficiently meet the needs of the individual, the organisation and society.

With our semantic software, we make a significant contribution to increase the maturity of organisations and the success of ICT projects.


Core values

ICT mastery works on the basis of these core values:



Our methodology does not depend on any context. Our methodology treats all information in the same way, regardless of the role and position of the user.


Our analysis results are expressed in e-Competences, according to e-CF standard EN 16234-1. This uniform language (a standardised meta language) ensures transparency for all stakeholders in the interpretation of digital competences. This also applies to our working methods and pricing.


Our analysis results are neutral with respect to age, background, culture, gender, religion and sexual orientation. We celebrate the diversity between people, because there lies the resilience of our kind. We build bridges between cultures in Europe without changing anything.


We strive to continuously improve our products and services. We are curious, inquisitive and like to look at new applications and developments that could benefit our work.