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We are proud to inform you that in recent weeks quite some progress was made. Please find herewith some recent developments.


  • ICT-mastery users and publications
  • New: e-CF levels
  • New: additional languages
  • New: API is available
  • New: easily create an e-Competence heatmap

ICT-mastery users and publications

These last months we spent a lot of time on both acquisition and creating brand awareness. The system is now in use in several European countries (65% Netherlands). Several publications on our projects are to be expected in the coming weeks.

As expected, our software is most frequently used on the supply side (information technologies and services, management consulting, professional training, staffing and recruiting). Fortunately, we also acquire users on the demand side, such as HR staff, government and large organisations.

New functionality: e-CF levels

Recently, the e-Competence analysis also gives an indication of the e-CF levels.
  • For job seekers, it is useful to assess if someone not only has a certificate but also works at the desired level.
  • When designing a training you can assess if the intended academic level is reached.

You can now recalculate your LinkedIn profile including the e-CF levels.
Recalculate your LinkedIn analysis including e-CF levels

New functionality: Additional languages

The software is now available in English, German, Dutch, French and Italian. Even if you do not have a paid account, you can still experiment with this new functionality.
Experiment with the 5 languages

New functionality: API is available

The ICT-mastery e-CF semantic analysis is also accessible through an API (Application Programming Interface). This allows you to create integrated white-label solutions online at no extra cost or integrate the analysis into your internal HR / LMS / matching / database / catalog systems. The API instructions will be sent to you on request.


New functionality: e-Competence heatmap

All semantic analysis results can be copied via the clipboard to the supplied Excel worksheet. This is prepared such that the e-Competence heatmap is automatically displayed.

The quantitative analysis below concerns an ICT department of 100 people. Management can see exactly which e-Competences are available. This level of detail is very useful in formulating short and long-term personnel planning.
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