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New functionality: the e-CF Training Finder

You want to find the best ICT training or self-study literature that best fits your interests or ambitions. The "best" training is as short as possible and precisely focused on what you want to learn (Agile short-cycle education).

From now on this is possible through our new e-CF Training Finder.

We ensure that you do not have to rely solely on the title of a book or the web text of a course (we have found that the promotional text can deviate from reality).
In order to prevent surprises, the entire material is semantically analysed by ICT-mastery. This gives you an insight into all available e-Competences (ICT competences) prior to your purchase decision. This prevents you from wasting time and money on material that does not perfectly match your interests or ambitions.
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How does the e-CF Training Finder work?

On the left you see all digital e-Competences, for example "B.01." or "E.02.". These are the e-Competences (ICT competences) from the e-CF framework. Hold your mouse over the competence code to show the name of the competence, for example "B.01. Application Development" or "E.02. Project and Portfolio Management".

For example, select "B.01" to show a table with books / courses.The last column of the table shows how many percent of the selected e-Competence is present in the material. Look, of course, only to the high numbers, because there is the knowledge that you are looking for.

Click on a title to show the details of the book / training.
On the left side you will find a table with useful details and a hyperlink to the source material.

On the right side you will see the e-Competence graph. This graph indicates exactly what is present in the book / training. The material is analysed 100% (so we do not assume the attractive text on the internet).
You can also select multiple e-Competences at once. For example, you can search for material that contains both "B.01. Application Development" and "B.03 Testing". You can sort the % columns.

Where do I start?

Perhaps you are not yet familiar with e-Competences (ICT competences) and the e-CF framework. Ask your manager how your job description is linked to the e-CF.

If you have a well-filled LinkedIn profile, you can have your profile scanned for e-Competences free of charge. You can then study the e-CF framework. After that you can find the best ICT training or self-study literature in the e-CF Training Finder.

Content at this time

At present 110 English-language study programs and books have been scanned (6500 pages in total) and this number will gradually increase. Free and commercial offers are mixed and clearly recognisable. If you have any tips about the availability of free material (in Dutch, English, German, French and Italian) we would like to hear from you.
Commercial publishers and educators are very welcome, as more and more ICT professionals know e-CF and search for it.


  • All training materials are subjected to a full quantitative e-Competence analysis.
  • Commercial training materials are treated equally as free materials (they do not get a better rating and are not ranked higher in the list).
  • Web texts that promote training materials are not considered.
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