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Award-Winning IT training institute works with ICT-mastery

5Heart IT Training has won the 2018 Computable award for Best Educator in the Netherlands. 5Heart IT Training works with ICT-mastery and is already working to make a success of 2019 as well. 5Heart IT Training observes that due to the changing market, customers need a competence framework with which they can describe these new roles. With more and more (large) customers, the e-CF is leading for the hard skills (the Dutch government uses e-CF in its national job structure which is called Quality Framework I(s)). In order to serve this market, in 2018 the entire portfolio of approximately 800 courses will be classified to e-CF. Job profiles can also be analysed from customers and prospects. Using e-CF as the competence language makes it easier for 5Heart IT Training to bring demand and supply together. In addition to the e-CF for hard skills, the soft skills are also of great importance for the new profiles.
Some findings:
  • In a few weeks time, 350 e-CF classifications have been carried out in collaboration with consultants from TriamFloat. This covers 20% of the courses that generate 80% of the turnover. The classification is based on a 100% quantitative analysis of the course materials.
  • Course books vary in size and are sometimes 500 pages and more. Measured over 350 classifications, an analysis took an average of 35 seconds. The analysis of the largest course book only took 8 minutes.
  • A quantitative e-CF heat map has been made of all course materials. This has led internally to asking existential questions: 'who are we', 'what do we have to offer the market', 'how can we map the market demand more accurately', 'how can we make the competence gap visible' and 'how can we improve on bringing together demand and supply'.
  • The e-CF heat map has made account managers think more in terms of competences and future partnerships and development decisions can be substantiated with data.
  • The e-CF classifications are introduced in EDU-DEX to create international transparency ( is essentially a training database in XML format, maintainded by training institutes, which feeds portals and Learning Management Systems on a daily basis).
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New price list

Because we gain more and more practical experience, we have been able to greatly simplify the price list. In 90% of cases the price per analysis has even been reduced. The new prices (valid from 1st of August 2018) start from 5 euros per analysis.

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New: trial accounts

We make it easier to get acquainted with the possibilities of our semantic software. From now on, a self-registration option is available on our website. After registration and full identification, you will have direct access to the fully functioning system. The trial account is based on mutual trust and is only intended for organisations. Usage is limited to being able to experiment prior to a purchase decision.

Note: all users who have had a temporary account in the past are reactivated.

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New: analysing e-CF in the Spanish language

Recently the Spanish language has been validated and added to our system. ICT-mastery analyses your text in 6 languages: English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish and Italian. By using e-CF as a universal competence language, e.g. a Spanish CV can easily be matched with a German vacancy.

New: stop words can improve the quality of the analysis

To improve the analysis quality, an option is now available to define stop words. These stop words (or short sentences) are then not included in the analysis. Use cases are the filtering of headers and footers when analysing books or filtering out the headings in (database) forms of role descriptions. For example, a 750-page book may contain 750x the same header and 750x the same footer. Such large numbers of the same words can disturb the analysis result.

Illustration: example stop word filter used in the validation of the Spanish e-CF standard.

e-CF training finder

The e-CF training finder is growing steadily and has again been expanded with books and training materials. At present, e-CF classifications are available on 246 materials that together cover 13000 pages.

By the end of 2018 hundreds of new cources from 5Heart IT Training will also be added, including a hyperlink to the registration page of the course.

  • All training materials are subjected to a full quantitative e-Competence analysis.
  • Commercial training materials are treated equally as free materials (they do not get a better rating and are not ranked higher in the list).
  • Web texts that promote training materials are not considered.
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